100 Freelance WordPress designer rules

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Dare to break any one of the rules at your own peril.

1. Follow the rules geek – be chique
2. Doing everything a client asks you to will destroy the WordPress website your building – be careful
3. The client doesn’t know what they are doing that’s why they are working with you – be nice
4. Tell the client if their brand is weak – be polite
5. Tell the client if their brand is good – be honest
6. Don’t ever customise wp core files and utilise child themes – be smart
7. Always try and use a premium theme above a free theme – be time efficient
8. Pay for any assets you use – give the gift of WordPress love – be kind
9. Always leave work before 6pm on Friday for a beer – be you
10. You need to aim to take 1 holiday every 3 months – be rich
11. If you don’t own a brand new apple laptop don’t take your linux laptop to a client meeting – don’t be non apple even if apple sucks :p
12. Always say yes to client requests, the optimum is 3 X yes’es to 1 X no – be responsive
13. Never tell the client they’re wrong, just say you’ll see what you can do – see rule #2
14. Time is money, educate the client if they misunderstand the laws of business with this simple rule. They can only have 2 things NEVER ALL 3 AT THE SAME TIME!
See rule #10
15. Share demo links with clients to potential plugins and themes – be open
16. Give clients wireframes or digital mockup proofs as part of the decision making process – be guided
17. Answer your phone – be contactable
18. Tell the client if you’ve made a mistake – See rule #3
19. Make sure you use font awesome, it’s called font awesome for a reason – Be awesome
20. Write things down especially when a client is talking – Be memorable
21. Keep it simple, especially if your client isn’t tech savy – they need to be capable of running this thing – Be tech savy
22. Deliver what’s asked of you – Be thorough
23. Add value to the client – Be valuable
24. Stay on schedule – Be well timed
25. Never send emails out of hours – Be professional
26. Never send emails at the weekend (draft them if necessary) – See rule #25
27. Never use watsapp – See rule #25
28. Never use snapchat – See rule #25
29. Texting a client is OK but don’t use X’s and emoji’s – See rule #25
30. Never sleep with a client regardless of how smoking hot they are – Be controlled
31. Always ask for feedback from a client – Be receptive
32. If you can’t build it, tell the client to build it themselves – Be truthful
33. Pay for licenses – Be Spending Money
34. As a rule of thumb, things take 3 times longer than you think – Be realistic
35. Charge your client based on time – Be making money
36. Work on a fixed project cost – Be safe
37. Always send your client a proposal to sign with terms – Be water tight
38. Find one someone has made earlier – Be intelligent
39. Do your research properly – Be reading stackoverflow like its the best book you’ve ever read
40. If the client can’t afford you, that’s their problem, not yours – Be it their problem
41. If you don’t deliver what the client asked for, that’s your problem, not theirs – Be this your BIG problem
42. WP devs aren’t conversational masters, if you ask for opinions on forums don’t be put off by blunt responses – Be aware
43. Be creative – you’re using the best technology platform ever invents – Be innovative
44. Never send links to a client webpage that isn’t “proof-able” – Be wise
45. Interact with the WordPress community and contribute to it – Be friendly
46. Open source is paying your rent, so don’t be a c.u.n one t. – Be lovely
47. Accept every client project is different – Be risk adverse
48. The troublesome clients will immediately talk about money – See rule #64
49. Accept every client will be difficult to manage in some way – Be a manager
50. Understand if you were the client you wouldn’t be a WP dev – so it’s better this way around – Be proud
51. Never lie remember digital products have a digital footprint – be right
52. Train your client to be managed and treat them well – See rule #48
53. Familiarise yourself with the apple hard refresh keyword shortcut keys, there will come a time when you need it and when you use it press the buttons like you know what you’re doing – See rule #11
54. Stackoverflow is now your favourite website – See rule #39
55. Themeforest is now your second favourite website – Be talented and resourceful
56. Pingdom is now your third favourite website – Be fast
57. Remember if it’s impossible for you to do and you haven’t worked past midnight, it’s not yet impossible – Be working until 12.00 but only in extreme emergencies
58. If web hosting technical support are unhelpful ask to speak to the CTO because you’re a CEO and need to get Sh*t done – Be CEO
59. Always work with a decision maker within the company you’re working for – Be get things done
60. Avoid getting group feedback mid project – See rule #58
61. The client doesn’t choose you, you choose the client – Be picky
62. Choose your clients carefully – Be careful
63. Have a back up plan for the websites you host and have an efficient recovery process that you can operate drunk (you may have to talk a client through doing it) – Be paranoid (occasionally)
64. Never tell a client how many WP sites you are currently working on, just say you’re busy – Be busy
65. Busy developers are like busy plumbers, they’re expensive and good (polite reminder: if you aint busy you aint good) – Be expensive and busy at all times
66. Don’t high five on the first meeting – Be doing hand shakes
67. Make eye contact in meetings – Be looking at people
68. Don’t talk about your gamer channel even if it’s got a ping speed of 12ms – Be gamer black ops during working hours
69. Take ½ of the project total upfront in case the client does a runner – Be never chasing money
70. The best clients aren’t the biggest brands – Be humble
71. Never work drunk, unless it’s an absolute emergency – Be sober
72. Emergencies ONLY: If you do work drunk, don’t drink coffee, it only makes drunk people quicker – Be coffee free but ONLY when drunk
73. Develop a taste for rare and extraordinarily tasty and expensive coffee – Be a coffee drinker
74. Don’t work with agencies – you’re better than that ;) – Be your own agency
75. Work with end clients (the ultimate decision makers) – See rule #58
76. You don’t need an agent because no one can sell you better than yourself – See rule #35
77. If you’re struggling to explain what you do, say “I build the internet” – Be proud
78. If you’re unsure why you do it, say “I enjoy changing the landscape of the internet for everyone” – Be bold
79. If anyone asks you anything else, ask them what they do – Be inquisitive
80. Your 2nd favourite drink is served in a cold pint glass – Be hipster
81. Your favourite alcoholic drink is pale and ale it’s called pale ale AKA hipster beer – Be 50% hipster if you can’t be 100% hipster
82. Drinking anything else alcoholic is kind of OK, just don’t let anyone else see – Be covert
83. Mix in photographer and designer circles – developers don’t have 100% good hispter chat – Be mingling
84. Your hourly rate is calculate by what you think it should be + 33% – Be expensive per hour
85. You no longer have a day rate and let the client do the math if asked – Be charging per hour
86. If you have to explain something to a client in more than 3 emails, phone them – Be fast to respond
87. Speak to your clients – they pay the bills – Be talkative
88. Invoice regularly – you need to be paid – See rule #87
89. Watch pirates of silicon valley – Be educated
90. Sign up for a wpengine account and give up on reading hosting performance affiliate blog posts – Be a speed builder
91. Have a studio don’t work at home – Be a business
92. Remember the bigger your screen the bigger your… don’t work off an ipad mini?! – Be big
93. WP developers are front end and back end developers – you got game all over the court – Be MVP
94. Come up with ways to meet new potential clients (you may have to go outside) – Be networking
95. Enjoy what you do or find a way to enjoy doing it – Be enjoying it
96. Tell everyone that you enjoy what you do – Be happy
97. Go off the grid once in a while – Be offline (occasionally)
98. Visual composer is what your clients need and accept it would take you a year to build something better – be grateful
99. Learn how to use ACF properly – Be a genius
100. Always remember, you’re using open source technology building websites using WordPress and whether or not you like it – you’re an ambassador for open source. The WordPress technology was created by people much more clever than you and me and far more experienced. That’s why you and I didn’t invent it. If someone asks for your help, give them help, charge them a fair price, deliver exactly what you promise and be professional throughout the project – Be a good human being

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