30 WordPress website development company hard truths 1st time self WP site builders learn when they get it wrong doing it themselves

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If you can’t stand the heat don’t come into the kitchen. Leave it to the professionals. Here’s why you should use a WordPress development company instead of building your own WordPress website.

1. A WordPress development company knows which themes, plugins and third party components are best and which are not based on lots of experience (usually trial and error or past mistakes)

2. A WordPress development company knows how to save time during development and launch smoothly without hickups along the way

3. A WordPress development company knows know how to build and how not to build to future proof a WordPress website

4. A WordPress development company knows what the technical, productivity, outcomes are and know how to avoid bad decision making

5. A WordPress development company wont faff, if they have to complete the project to get the final project payment

6. A WordPress development company can identify how other businesses have implemented technology for the same purpose

7. A WordPress development company can resell plugins and web hosting often at a better rate than you buying direct, they also have inside knowledge of who’s best for what.

8. A WordPress development company know WordPress inside out – if something breaks they’ll be able to fix it (efficiently)

9. A WordPress development company offers a safety net post launch if you need further assistance should you run into problems.

10. A WordPress development wants to make you an amazing WordPress website because then you’ll refer them to your suppliers and clients

11. A WordPress development company will have a backup and recovery plan should your website need to be restored quickly

12. A WordPress development company that’s been trading for a long time will give your business more value than someone attempting to build a WP site for the first, second or third time.

13. A WordPress development company working on a fixed cost wont bill you for problems encountered during the build process – exonerating you from further financial exposure.

14. A WordPress developer knows what the best practise responsive HTML 5.0 and CSS 3.0 coding techniques – you want your website to work on mobiles right?

15. A WordPress development company knows how to build a search engine friendly website

16. A WordPress development company always delivers, because if they don’t – they don’t get paid

17. The more websites a WordPress development company builds, the better they become

18. It’s hard to start a WordPress development company, so if you find one that’s been trading for a long time – they will be good

19. WordPress development companies are fast problem solvers because time is money

20. A WordPress development company knows how to show you what your website will look like without even starting the job

21. Starting, failing, starting and failing will cost you more money than using a WordPress development company and succeeding first time around

22. Most WordPress development companies just do WordPress development – they are specialists in every sense of the word “WordPress”

23. Most WordPress development companies will strategise and propose how to build without charging you money before engagement, so you can make your mind up to engage after this step

25. You can meet a WordPress development company at their office or studio

26. WordPress development companies are available by phone and email should something go wrong

27. WordPress development companies have the best coders and probably don’t rely on maydayIneedacoderbecauseimessedup.com!

28. WordPress dev companies don’t start projects when they feel like it

29. WordPress development companies are a good sounding board to ask questions before you commit to expensive costs for implementation

30. WordPress development companies have done it all before… you wont be the first client in this situation that they haven’t helped

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