Sol Campbell’s Business Tips For Tech Start-ups From The Plexal, Barclays Q&A 24 April 2018

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Being based in Plexal is great. Plexal is an innovation community that brings together startups, scaleups, enterprises and academics to find solutions that make our lives better. It’s where ideas are tested, developed and turned into scaleable businesses. The Plexal members (we) get invited to events that Plexal hosts and the events always attract World class business people and amazing key speakers.

I went to the Barclays Cyber Security Event today. It was held in the Park area of the building on the AstroTurf. Part of the event was a Question and Answer session with Sulzeer “Sol” Campbell – the former England football club captain. Sol in a nutshell – Fantastic career, good athlete, nice guy and now a successful entrepreneur.

“Sol’s” Professional Footballer Stats

Sol received 73 England caps playing for England and at the time was the 2nd youngest England captain (aged 21). I remember watching him play on TV with my dad when I was younger. He was a good centre back footballer. Read his professional stats here.

Sulzeer “Sol” Campbell now runs a successful furniture business and was talking about the impact of cybercrime and his experiences running his own business. He shared his experiences with the Plexal community.

What I took away from the 73 England caps player was his enthusiasm for placing as much emphasis on technology in his business as he does on the non-technology in his business… the people. Coming from a strictly online background I sometimes overlook the fundamentals of some of the key points he raised during his Q and A session.

Lets face it, anyone who has captained England to international victories probably knows a few things about managing an effective team! Here are my top 3 things Sol Campbell talked to us about running a successful digital business…


The importance of talent in a team

Sol talked about times when he’d been a football player when he needed players step up – the best ones could and did. He talked about the importantance of arranging a team of do-ers. He spoke about not really knowing someone until they’ve been “tested” just like a 0-0 score football game approaching 90 minutes. He said the strong team players always put up a good fight when the pressure is on to perform. He placed emphasis on trying to build a team of professionals that thrived and took things head on when circumstances weren’t favourable. He talked about remembering those players in a team that performed well under pressure and learning from those that didn’t.

The important of business location

Sol has a central London location for his furniture business. He talked about the important of club history, prestige and heritage. He said it was important to be based where your customers were and not just purely focus 100% on an online presence. Plexal is close to West Ham and Tottenham football ground – Sol played for West Ham and Tottenham in his career. He seemed to like Plexal and said he remembered when the area used to be junk yards and mechanic shops. He shared how “playing locally” made him ambitious in his professional career and this fuelled him personally to succeed.

Cyber crime deterrents

Sol discussed things he does to avoid being a cyber crime victim. He suggested if you’re going to pay a new, trusted supplier – do a test send of a minimal amount (£10) to check the recipient truly receives it before transferring the full amount. It kind of makes sense – something I’ve never done, but probably will start doing!

There you have it… 3 easy, simple and solid tips on how to run a successful business from Sol Campbell.

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