What Do You Do With Your Tablet When You’re Not Using It?

By 20th April 2018Other News

I founded Slibstream – the free Instagram photo frame service a few months ago so that I could use my tablet as a digital photo frame when I wasn’t browsing the web. It’s awesome and it’s one of the best things I’ve ever built.

About Slibstream.com

I decided to launch a platform capable of accessing an individual’s Instagram photo feed (with their permission) in 2017. A few months later, it was ready. Slibstream connects to an individuals Instagram photo feed via the Instagram API. It grabs your Insta pics and puts them into a customisable frame that plays in your web browser.

It’s free, you don’t need an account and it’s super easy to launch – just go to a link to play! It’s a personalised Instagram photo viewing experience. Slibstream users can only see their Instagram photos in their frame and frames can be customised to match the users mood or décor of a room.

With all the hype and negative press Facebook has received, I need to say that my app follows all the Instagram API guidelines and it was manually reviewed and accepted (by Instagram) as a valid Instagram app in January 2018.

See the Slibstream frames

The Future Of Social

I think the future of social for developers isn’t competing with the likes of Facebook, Instagram and Twitter AKA the social media platform giants. Instead I predict developers will use the social media APIs as a data source and create apps that use the data in applications that add value beyond the standard Facebook, Instagram and Twitter experience. That’s what I did and I even used WordPress to build it!

Slibstream Instagram Frame Designs

These frame designs can all be accessed for free if you have an Instagram account containing photos. Simply go to the links below and login via Instagram.

I hope you enjoy using Slibstream – “Never miss a perfect photo frame moment ever again”.

Play this frame here: https://slib.co/bananait


Play this frame here: https://slib.co/hippopotamus


Play this frame here: https://slib.co/lipsss

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