What is WordPress?

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WordPress is the fastest growing open source website content management system that the World has ever seen.

WordPress.org claim that WordPress powers around 33% of the internet. The platform is licensed for free under a GNU Public License.

What does WordPress look like?

The WordPress CMS (private admin area) that website owners login to and add website content usually looks like this screenshot:

The WordPress front end (public facing) that website visitors see looks completely different and can be tailored by installing free or premium website templates. WordPress calls these themes.

Where do I get WordPress from?

WordPress can be downloaded here from the WordPress repository.

Where can I find out more about WordPress?

WordPress organise regular meetups around the World to talk about WordPress improvements and challenges within the open source community. The WordPress.org team have a calendar of regular WordPress meet ups.

How do I try WordPress?

Create a free WordPress account here to publish your first wordpress.com hosted website!

How do I recognise a WordPress website?

A clever way to identify if a website is a WordPress website is by inspecting the website source code in your web browser and looking for “wp-content” near the top of the page to see if the source code contains a folder structure that is specific to the WordPress CMS.

Example: https://www.domain.com/wp-content/themes/themename/style.css

Why is WordPress so popular?

My top 10 reasons why I like building websites with WordPress:

  1. The front end of WordPress is customisable using free, premium and custom themes
  2. WordPress has an amazing documentation website to help web developers build using the platform
  3. WordPress is a free CMS
  4. WordPress is fast
  5. WordPress is powerful
  6. WordPress is lightweight
  7. WordPress is updated regularly and updates take seconds to apply
  8. WordPress is easy to work with and development websites
  9. It’s easy to train staff how to use
  10. It can be tailored for specific usage
  11. Features can be added using free or premium plugins (apps)


“Using WordPress is the best and quickest way to build a powerful website”

– Ben Llewellyn, Slib Design

One in three websites uses the same CMS. WordPress website owners are seeking out new competitive advantages by creating more attractive, highly functional and faster WordPress websites using the services of good WordPress developers. Read my WordPress Speed Up Optimisation Blueprint article to find out how to make your WordPress website run faster than your competitors!

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