WordPress development service must do’s for clients working with WP developers

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Before your WP project starts

Find a developer based on customer reviews and view their portfolio (ask clients, friends and suppliers for recommendations)

I work so hard to keep my reviews positive and it benefits my customers because they get good customer service. Customer reviews on platforms like Trust Pilot and Google Places play an important role in customer persuasion. Find a WP developer with a 5 star rating!

Reach out to previous developer site owners in their portfolio and ask for a reference

WP devs always showcase past work. Use the portfolio website contact form to ask for a review of the WordPress developer. A simple question: “Would you feel confident recommending your WP developer Ben to build my site?” That should do the trick. A happy client, who’s received added value and a website he/she loves will reply!

Get at least 3 quotes before paying for WordPress development services and never pay all the amount up front

This is good to align your cost expectations with what you want.

Interview your potential WP developers and work with a WP dev that is motivated, committed and nearby

Similarly to how you’d select an employee or new supplier – ask the right questions to see if they are capable of delivering the right solution for you.

Have you built a website like this before?

What tips have you got?

What is the best way to go about X?

Have you thought about this problem?


Thoroughly brief your WP developer & work on a fixed cost contract

If your WordPress development company doesn’t know what you want or expect from them, how can they be expected to deliver AND deliver on time? I suggest you thoroughly brief your WP developer on what’s expected and work on a fixed cost basis.

During your WP project

Keep in regular contact with your WP development company and agree a timeline

It’s a good idea to keep in regular contact with your WordPress development company to keep track of progress and ensure the project is heading in the right direction.

Budget the best hosting

Your WP site will run better and faster on a premium host. Don’t scrimp and save. If your WP site doesn’t load quickly, it doesn’t matter how good it looks – it probably wont serve a commercial purpose for your business.

Ensure you have admin access to your hosting account and domain name

Having control grants you piece of mind. More importantly what happens if your WordPress development service company decides to shut up shop without telling you. Being able to access your domain name and hosting account are the minimum a new WP developer will need to assist you (if you need to change supplier). So make sure you have these details to hand so that you’re not “locked out” of your own website in the future.

Insist on the developer working on a development server which you can access to keep track of progress

It’s best practise not to work on a live site if your site is being rebuild! If it’s being built for the first time, this is probably not applicable. Working on a staging site will ensure business continuity and it’s best practise.

Post engagement

Ask for support

Accept that when your project is finished there are going to be things that you cannot do yourself! Ask your WordPress development service to factor in support time to assist you for the next 6-12 months.

Work out what to do if something goes wrong

Knowing where the limits of your development are and when the development cycle stops helps you.

Thank them!

Good WordPress developers are hard to find… just like good plumbers: they’re always busy and usually expensive.

Give them feedback

If we make a mistake or your unhappy tell us. Likewise when we get it right, review us positively.

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