Ben Llewellyn CV // AKA Mr WordPress

15 years' experience – team leader – strategist – high performer

I want to up my game and work for a World changing company delivering mission impossible campaigns on time and on budget.

Tech stack (15 years experience)
WordPress front end & backend, HTML 5.0, CSS 3.0, PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, jQuery, Bootstrap
WordPress API, WordPress theme development, WordPress plugin development, 100's of third party tool integrations, CRM systems, web applications, agile development and staging to production deployment


Background...I have consistently delivered mission critical results

I have worked on projects for key industry players with billionaire, millionaire or government stakeholders or investors.

I have experience running and managing a small digital business supported by World talent.

I have delivered millions of pounds of revenue each day during campaigns.

Leadership and DevOps skillset

  • Team leader: Managed multi discipline developers, designers and marketeers in Asia and Europe
  • Enterprise grade tech: WordPress website and plugin development meeting strict quality assessment criteria
  • Strategy & insight expert: Measuring and adjusting digitally to outperform targets
  • Rapid project delivery: Mission critical delivery
  • Measured client success: Project ROI experienced


  • Worked with World talent and built successful World class teams
  • Secured successful digital project outcomes for key industry players, stakeholders and investors
  • Launched mission critical websites for large organisations
  • Deployed over 500 WordPress websites successfully
  • Familiar with HTML frameworks such as Bootstrap
  • Authored custom WordPress themes with special theme settings
  • Enriched visitor experiences using the latest PHP, HTML 5.0, AJAX, jQuery and CSS development techniques
  • Optimised website video content serving for enhanced delivery and playback on mobile, tablet and desktop devices
  • Setup custom integrations for e-commerce stock level and inventory management for fulfilment teams (automatically syncing e-com stock levels to warehouse and vice versa)
  • Created and launched plugins for multiple business applications
  • Devised and rolled out methods for inter system communication (website to third party data exchange)
  • Raised millions of dollars on crowd funding campaigns
  • Worked on projects with global e-com sales
  • Secured high profile websites and eliminated cyber threats
  • Maintained an exceptionally high uptime record
  • Built 100+ HTML emails and utilised email client backwards compatibility coding standards
  • Worked in most sectors
  • Built web applications reliant on third party APIs (sending and receiving data)
  • Experienced with Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) for WordPress
  • Worked with big data formats: XML, JSON & CSV
  • Completed successful CRM integrations
  • Integrated third party tools for advanced systems creation and expansion
  • Scheduled custom daily, hourly and weekly events with cron jobs to automate workflow
  • Prevented common website security exploits
  • Google Cloud GCE Data Centre experienced
  • WP Engine Agency Partner certified
  • Fluent in website speed optimisation techniques
  • Serviced over 350+ lifetime clients
  • Well versed with CSS and HTML frameworks and boiler plate themes
  • Monetized websites and reacted to visitor insight data by evaluating positive and negative trends
  • Setup custom goals, unique events and special reporting to help clients understand their data and report internally
  • Worked on high traffic websites and highly advertised websites
  • Used live, staging and step to live deployment processes
  • Built e-commerce and non e-commerce websites
  • Embraced white hat hacking and penetration testing (on client owned assets with their permission)
  • Calculated website fatigue points with web bot attack testing (on client owned assets with their permission)
  • Conversion optimised web pages
  • Aligned website builds with strict SEO, commercial and design specifications
  • Programmed nicely and hacked code when we’ve had to make things work
  • Implemented modern and progressive development techniques using third party libraries
  • Followed Google Webmaster trends, the latest development techniques and other industry leading advice
  • Found solutions to client problems that they didn’t know they had
  • Coding since in 2006
  • Served website content via Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) for better global content delivery
  • Used page caching and other website performance enhancing tools
  • Accustomed to pixel perfect design and development etiquette
  • Prevented client loss from downtime intended by malicious user activity
  • Deadline driven, with a proven ability to work under commercial pressure and get tangible results
  • Utilised leading project management software to serve customers better and project manage sucessfully
  • Aligned website visitor activity with commercial goals on 100s of projects
  • Continuous evolved and improved professionally and personally
  • Provided proactive and reactive digital services
  • Added value to 1000s of projects
  • Worked in times of national emergency to maintain business continuity
  • Invented technology systems when there were no open source or out the box solutions
  • Delivered sites with live peak traffic levels of 1,000 unique visitors per second
  • Tested sites up to 100,000 visitors per 30 seconds
  • Deployed AWS hosting envinronents and others via Cloudways


1. Talented

I have worked on projects with billionaire, millionaire and government stakeholders and delivered amazing projects for many key industry players such as:

The luxury 5 star hotel brand with locations in 17 UNESCO sites

The UKs leading cyber security incubator funded by HM government

The first company to offer electric bike kits that fit any bicycle with gross sales of £1 million + during sales windows

2. WordPress Pioneer

I have built the fastest WordPress website ever built (homepage loads in 0.101s - source: pingdom) and released the plugin as opensource and shared the methodology with the WordPress community.

3. WordPress Influencer

I have created the largest WordPress child theme library ever built and released the child themes as opensource to assist novice WordPress developers.


I live permantely in Zone 2 - London, United Kingdom

12 Pembury House

07860 951 538

Play my HTML 5 JavaSript game